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Corrective Exercises

For most patients, many of the spinal problems they experience are a result of years of damage to their spine. Patients often don't realize what damage has occurred because they are pain free. For this reason, the practitioners of Total Balance Chiropractic refuse to focus solely on pain when treating our patients. Our focus is on determining what underlying structures have been damaged, striving to reverse the damage while lastly strengthening the area to prevent further insult.

As a patient, corrective exercises may be recommended during the course of your treatment. These exercises will be utilized to retrain muscles that may be functioning improperly as well as to strengthen the spine as a whole in an effort to prevent reoccurrence. The type and frequency of exercise will be determined following a thorough evaluation and will also depend on the condition being treated.

Patients typically will move through three separate stages of care, with corrective exercises being employed primarily during the second stage of care. The three stages of chiropractic care include:

  1. Relief Care: Most patients tend to seek chiropractic care during this stage. During this phase of your treatment, the primary goal is reducing your level of discomfort while preventing further exacerbation of your condition. Treatment time will vary greatly during this stage based on the condition being treated and how quickly your body has stabilized.
  2. Corrective Care: This second phase of care will begin once your level of discomfort has decreased. With the addition of corrective exercise to your treatment plan, it is during this stage of care that we will work to strengthen your spine and restore proper function to prevent reoccurrence.
  3. Wellness Care: This is the most important and final stage of your care. It is here that we work to maintain health and prevent future ailments through proper spinal function. Wellness care is different for everyone, and a program will be designed specifically for you.