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Summer Fitness: 3 Great Ways to Kick It Up A Notch

Exercise running women chiropracticWhether you are currently in a regular workout regime or not, the summer is a perfect time to stretch your legs and break a sweat. Your summer schedule is sure to fill up quickly between the concerts, food-fests and backyard grill outs, so be sure to carve out some time to give yourself the gift of fitness this summer!… Read Full Article

4 Reasons to Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

Summer is in full swing, and that means that there are many seasonal crops ready for harvest. We all know that it is important to include fresh fruits and vegetables into our diet, and there is no more delicious way to do that than to eat these foods in peak season.… Read Full Article

Getting in Your Vitamin D

When the warm weather finally arrives in Chicago, everyone seems to flock outdoors.  There are the street festivals, lakefront beaches, biking tours, kayaking and river walks to entertain us outside all summer long.  These activities all come with increased sun exposure, which can cause concern. … Read Full Article

Summer Fitness Tips

I’m almost afraid to jinx it, but summer is finally here! Chicago’s excessive humidity and scorching hot sun, can make working out less-than desirable.  Need some help staying on the fitness train? Here are a few quick and easy tips to use while working on your fitness over the summer months!… Read Full Article


August is the month in the Chicagoland area to take advantage of the great foods available at local farmer’s markets.  Support your local farmers, eat foods picked at perfection, sharpen your knife and enjoy this versatile, simple vegetable dish.  Be creative and add any veggies you love to eat. … Read Full Article

Sun Sun Summertime

During the summer months, many people like to spend time outside.  And we all NEED sun exposure.  It’s our body’s primary source of vitamin D, which helps us not only absorb calcium for building strong bones, but also helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and immune system too.  … Read Full Article