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Summer Fitness: 3 Great Ways to Kick It Up A Notch

Exercise running women chiropracticWhether you are currently in a regular workout regime or not, the summer is a perfect time to stretch your legs and break a sweat. Your summer schedule is sure to fill up quickly between the concerts, food-fests and backyard grill outs, so be sure to carve out some time to give yourself the gift of fitness this summer!… Read Full Article

Walking for Health

An inactive and sedentary lifestyle is now the norm among Americans, which has led to an increase in diabetes, obesity and other weight related health issues.  We are distracted now more than ever by computer and television screens, smart phones and video games making it challenging to stay active. … Read Full Article

Summer Fitness Tips

I’m almost afraid to jinx it, but summer is finally here! Chicago’s excessive humidity and scorching hot sun, can make working out less-than desirable.  Need some help staying on the fitness train? Here are a few quick and easy tips to use while working on your fitness over the summer months!… Read Full Article

Exercise as Medicine

By Angela Wilson Pennisi, PT, MS, OCS

I would like to invite you to stop thinking of exercise as work.

Instead, think of exercise as the medication prescribed as the treatment of choice for knee arthritis (capable of decreasing pain and disability by 47%), slowing the progression of diabetes, osteoporosis (capable to decreasing risk of hip fracture by 41%), anxiety, and depression.… Read Full Article