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Sugar – Vitamin C = Cold

vitamin c, immunity and chiropractic

We see it quite frequently at the practice – the cutest Halloween costumes followed by the sneakiest colds!  Have you ever stopped to notice that the time of year when we are eating the most “because-it’s-the-holidays” sweets and indulgences also coincides with when we – as a nation – seem to all catch a cold or develop the flu?… Read Full Article

Build Your Immune System Early!

As the leaves fall to the ground, and the air turns crisper, a new season looms on the horizon: cold and flu season. According to the Center for Disease Control, the flu season can begin in October and last through May, but the peak months are usually from December to February.… Read Full Article

Weathering Winter Skin

Brrrr…. Winter has officially arrived and you can feel it- especially in your skin!  Dry skin and chapped lips are synonymous with cold winter weather.  In fact, winter is considered skin’s second “worst enemy,” with the sun being first.  As the climatic conditions change, it’s also important to modify your skin care regimen to protect your skin from harsh winter conditions. … Read Full Article

Health Tips for Kids (1 of 3)

Does your child get frequent colds or ear infections, have trouble recovering after an injury, or get tired after meals?

unhappy child

These are indications that their immune system is stressed. Prior illnesses, a traumatic birth, and injuries can all weaken the immune system. … Read Full Article