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Back-To-School: Help Your Child Stay Focused and Healthy

Total Balance Chiropractic Dr. Sarah Weber kids and chiropracticAt Total Balance Chiropractic, we are proud to say that many of our patients are children.  As a pediatric certified chiropractor, Dr. Weber is trained to provide chiropractic care to children of all ages.

Increased Stress Leads to Increased Subluxation

Over the summer, we find that our pediatric patients present with less subluxation (improper position of the vertebrae causing nerve interference) due to less overall stress.  As they head back to school, many of our pediatric patients arrive to our office with increased subluxation due to increased stress and busy (and sometimes over-scheduled) calendars.  As those stressors build up in the body, it can cause adverse reactions – many of which chiropractic care has been proven to treat (visit the ICPA website (1) to read about pediatric chiropractic testimonials).

Concentration, Behavior, Mood & Immunity

As those subluxations build up and are not addressed over time, they may affect you child’s mood, behavior and concentration.  Regular chiropractic adjustments help to free up the nervous system by reducing and eliminating nerve interference.  Chiropractic adjustments have even been linked to increased immunity (2) resulting in fewer sick days.

Safe and Effective

There are many reasons why parents decide to explore chiropractic care as a method of treatment for their child’s symptoms.  Whatever the reason is that brings you through our doors, we can confidently say that chiropractic care for children as been proven to be safe and effective (3):

“An overwhelming majority of the parents reported that their children’s problems improved with chiropractic care. After 10,249 visits from 1,176 children, only 17 reported treatment associated aggravations described as soreness and stiffness after the adjustment, the child is “fussy” after the adjustment or a fever or spitting up. No serious complications were reported. “Wellness care” care was reported by 54% of the parents for their child’s visits.”

To learn more about how chiropractic care can support you or your children in your journey to wellness, call our office at (773) 348-6908 and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

(1) http://icpa4kids.org/Wellness-Articles/Chiropractic-Testimonials/

(2) http://icpa4kids.org/Chiropractic-Research/chiropractic-and-the-neuroimmune-connection.html

(3) http://icpa4kids.org/Wellness-Articles/chiropractic-care-for-children-found-to-be-safe-and-effective.html

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