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3 Reasons to Check your Child’s Posture

Poor posture in children has become an epidemic.  While you may be familiar with the causes of poorTotal Balance Chiropractic

posture – heavy backpacks and slouching over an iPhone or video game to name a few – the long term effects of poor posture can be devastating.  If gone unchecked and untreated, poor posture that starts in childhood can grow into a lifetime of aches and pains.

Here are 3 reasons to check your child’s posture early:

1. Spinal Curvature – as the body succumbs to improper posture, the natural “S” curve of the spine begins to change shape.  These veterbral misalignments are called subluxations (1) and can cause blood vessel constriction (which cuts off nutrient and oxygen supply to muscles) and nerve restrictions.

2. Neck & Back Strain – a spine out of alignment puts extra stress and strain (2) on the muscles supporting it.  Over time, this leads to neck and back strain and – as the body begins to overcompensate – can cause a trickle down effect throughout the body.

3. Organ Function – our skeletal frame houses our internal organs.  When the frame begins to take an unhealthy shape, studies show (3) that this physical stress can damage our organs.

A certified pediatric chiropractor will know what to look for when examining your child’s spine; early, corrective care can lower the risk that your child may suffer from the long term ailments and conditions caused by poor posture.

From May 21st – May 28th, we are offering a free child examination to new patients who receive a posture screening at our Chicago Kid’s Day event on Saturday, May 21st from 10am – 1pm.  Stop by our booth to meet our friendly staff and to receive a complimentary posture screening with our pediatric certified chiropractor, Dr. Sarah Weber

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