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From the Ground Up: How Your Feet Affect Your Body

Most of us wouldn’t dream of building a new home on an unstable foundation.
The foundation of a home Foot Health Total Balance Chiropracticor building is incredibly important; it is more than simply a platform that holds up the structure – it connects and affects the structure. A strong foundation will give you a happy home for a lifetime while a poor foundation will cause headaches, a light wallet, and a host of other issues!

The same goes for your feet. Did you know that your feet have 50 bones (accounting for one quarter of the bones in the human body), 60 joints and over 200 muscles, tendons and ligaments?  To ignore your foot health – the body’s structural foundation – is a risky choice that will cause a ripple effect through your entire body.  Most of us understand how poor foot health may affect your feet. Here are 3 ways poor foot health may affect your body:

Did you know that by age 20, an estimated 80% of people have some type of foot imbalance (1)? Foot imbalance can be caused by many things, mostly commonly fallen arches. When left untreated, the shock that is normally absorbed by the feet instead travels up the kinetic chain of the body causing dysfunction and undue stress to joints, muscles and ligaments throughout the entire body.


Think your head or neck ache has nothing to do with your feet? Think again! Studies show (2) that correcting postural imbalance with custom foot orthotics can help in the treatment of low back pain, ankle pain, neck pain and hip pain.


Your feet contain millions of touch receptors (3) that send messages to the brain with each passing step.  When you are imbalanced at the foundation, the brain begins to send “over-compensation” signals to the rest of the body for help. Before long, these “corrections” affect the physical structure of your body which houses your organs. As the physical structure begins to move and shift, so do the organs creating stress and fatigue – all because of your feet!


At Total Balance Chiropractic, we are passionate about foot health! We are proud to partner with Foot Levelers, a company that builds 3 Arch Advantage Custom Foot Orthotics – a state of the art orthotic built custom for you and chosen specifically by our staff with your lifestyle in mind.

Call today to schedule an appointmentand take the first “step” towards better foot health! *Restrictions apply. 


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(2) http://www.footlevelers.com/pain-relief

(3) http://curingchronicpain.com/the-link-between-your-feet-and-total-body-wellness


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