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Support Your Feet AND Your Body

3arch supportHip, knee, and back pain are some of the common complaints that bring people to a doctor of chiropractic seeking relief. Often, these ailments are due to misalignments of the spine called subluxations. After evaluating the patient, the doctor of chiropractic can perform adjustments that bring the spine back into alignment, alleviating symptoms and helping the body perform more optimally. In addition to adjustments, the doctor may recommend exercises to help strengthen areas of the body to prevent reoccurrence. While regular chiropractic adjustments and exercises will improve the situation, the doctor may take one more step—prescribing a custom spinal pelvic stabilizer (SPS), or orthotic—to increase the effectiveness of the adjustments.

SPSs can increase the effectiveness of adjustments for many reasons. Many of the misalignments that lead to pain throughout the lower body begin with poor mechanics of the feet, such as overpronation; this is when the arches of the foot drop, and the foot rolls inward while in motion. As the body compensates for this imbalance, extra stress is put on joints, and the spine can misalign. Chiropractic adjustments can address the misalignments, but over time, the body can return to its misaligned state and exasperate symptoms if the foot is not strong enough to support the body. An SPS can address the imbalances in the foot, which brings balance to the body and can alleviate painful symptoms. In addition, the SPS can absorb shock, which can reduce the amount of stress on joints, such as knees, ankles, and hips.

If an SPS is right for you, it is important that it is custom made to fit the biomechanics of your foot. Store-bought, generic orthotics may provide cushioning, but they do not support the complete foot, and they cannot address the complexity of each situation. A doctor of chiropractic can take a custom mold of your foot to achieve a properly fitting SPS. In addition, before casting the mold, the doctor can adjust your foot to optimal alignment so that the SPS supports the optimal structure of your foot.

With regular chiropractic care and a custom SPS when necessary, you can give common painful symptoms the boot!

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