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Back to School: Quick, Easy & Healthy Meal Ideas

With a little planning and forethought, preparing back-to-school meals can be one less thing to worry about as we transition from summer to fall.  Proper nutrition is intrinsically linked to concentration and academic performance (1) – help your little one get off to a great start with these quick, easy and healthy meal ideas for breakfast and lunch:


Cottage cheese, berries and honeyCottage Cheese with Fruit: Consider a full fat cottage cheese, as our brains are 60% fat and require adequate fat sources for optimum performance. … Read Full Article

Back-To-School: Help Your Child Stay Focused and Healthy

Total Balance Chiropractic Dr. Sarah Weber kids and chiropracticAt Total Balance Chiropractic, we are proud to say that many of our patients are children.  As a pediatric certified chiropractor, Dr. Weber is trained to provide chiropractic care to children of all ages.

Increased Stress Leads to Increased Subluxation

Over the summer, we find that our pediatric patients present with less subluxation (improper position of the vertebrae causing nerve interference) due to less overall stress. … Read Full Article