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Family Wellness: April News

Curious how chiropractic can play a part in living a well-balanced life?3-2-12 Total Balance ChiropracticDr. Sarah Weber(C)2012 Jennifer Kathryn PhotographyPhoto credit required for all public use(C)2012 Jennifer Kathryn Photographywww.jenniferkathryn.com
Read on to learn about one mother’s journey and the key role that chiropractic played in that journey for her and her children. We bring you this story as part of this month’s Family Wellness Newsletter. Read Full Article

3 Ways To Benefit From an Active Lifestyle

Most of us associate exercise with a desire or goal to lose weight. While it is true that increasing your

b57a10b7-1bd4-4821-a89b-9bc77f5b9bdfexercise – in combination with a healthy diet – may help you shed some of those excess winter pounds, the benefits of an active lifestyle as a habit extend well beyond reaching your “goal weight.” Whether you walk, run, or participate in your favorite dance work-out class, find a way to incorporate exercise into your life as a habit.… Read Full Article