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Spring Juicing continued….

The Cleanse!

This juice cleanse consists of drinking six juices every 2-3 hours.  The “green juice” you will drink twice.  It is suggested to drink them in this order:

  1. Green Juice
  2. Spicy Lemon Juice
  3. Carrot Juice
  4. Beet Juice
  5. Green Juice
  6. Cashew Milk


You can drink water, lemon water or decaffeinated and unsweetened teas in between to keep you hydrated. … Read Full Article

Spring Juicing

Spring cleaning includes cleaning up your diet to get a fresh, healthy start to the season!  One way to kick start your healthier lifestyle is a short, 3-day juicing program to cleanse and improve the overall functioning of your body.  You may find the idea of juicing intimidating or too complicated, but properly preparing your body and your pantry is key to a successful juicing cleanse. … Read Full Article

Posture Matters!

Like dentistry, an early chiropractic exam can pick up (or detect) future problems. A normal posture would be level head, shoulders, and hips. The head should sit over the shoulders (front and side), the scapula or “wing bones” should be flat and level and the feet should point out straight.… Read Full Article

What Drop Did It?

A titration test analyzes how many drops of chemical it takes to create a specific reaction – usually a change in solution color.  Drop by drop, the reagent is added until an observable change is seen. And if asked which drop finally made the difference, the correct answer would be they all did.… Read Full Article

Organizational Cleansing

Clutter can affect how you feel and even negatively impact your health.  It can zap your energy, increase stress and anxiety and affect your sleep and fitness regimens.  As Spring arrives, we tend to set our minds on cleaning and organizing for a fresh start to the season. … Read Full Article

Which Pothole Did It?

It’s a common question Chiropractic patients have… “Hey doc, what do you think did it to me this time?  Is it the way I’m sleeping, or maybe the stress at work?”  To tell you the truth, without 24/7 video surveillance of your every move, it’s difficult to tell.… Read Full Article

WD Chiropractic

Most people believe that as you get older, the less flexible you become.  Actually it’s the other way around.  The stiffer your joints get, the faster you age and develop disease!

In a classic 1921 study tracing terminal disease and its relationship to spinal degeneration, Henry Windsor, MD concluded, “Disease appears to precede old age and to cause it. … Read Full Article

Emotional Detoxing

Spring is time for a clean, fresh start.  People begin to focus on cleaning out their closets, reorganizing and even cleansing and cleaning up their diet.  While living in a healthy environment and a healthy body is fantastic, it’s also important to have a healthy mind. … Read Full Article