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Transition from Summer to School Safely: Backpack 101

Books, folders, pencils, lunches – throw them in your child’s backpack and send them out to door, right? Wrong! Misuse of backpacks by either over packing or wearing them incorrectly could do damage to your child’s spine and lead to chronic back, neck and/or shoulder pain.… Read Full Article

Feeling Bamboozled?

There seems to be much confusion around booze and healthy living. I often hear people say they want to live a lifestyle of health and wellness but they are concerned that so much of their social or professional life events revolve around alcohol.  … Read Full Article

Exercise as Medicine

By Angela Wilson Pennisi, PT, MS, OCS

I would like to invite you to stop thinking of exercise as work.

Instead, think of exercise as the medication prescribed as the treatment of choice for knee arthritis (capable of decreasing pain and disability by 47%), slowing the progression of diabetes, osteoporosis (capable to decreasing risk of hip fracture by 41%), anxiety, and depression.… Read Full Article