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Sugar – Vitamin C = Cold

vitamin c, immunity and chiropractic

We see it quite frequently at the practice – the cutest Halloween costumes followed by the sneakiest colds!  Have you ever stopped to notice that the time of year when we are eating the most “because-it’s-the-holidays” sweets and indulgences also coincides with when we – as a nation – seem to all catch a cold or develop the flu?… Read Full Article

Building Immunity: The Chiropractic Connection

children immunity total balance chiropractic


From time to time a patient may call our office to say, “I am sick!  I don’t want to pass the germs around.  Should I still come in for my adjustment?”  to which we respond, “Of course!  Read Full Article

Build Your Immune System Early!

As the leaves fall to the ground, and the air turns crisper, a new season looms on the horizon: cold and flu season. According to the Center for Disease Control, the flu season can begin in October and last through May, but the peak months are usually from December to February.… Read Full Article

Emotional Detoxing

Spring is time for a clean, fresh start.  People begin to focus on cleaning out their closets, reorganizing and even cleansing and cleaning up their diet.  While living in a healthy environment and a healthy body is fantastic, it’s also important to have a healthy mind. … Read Full Article

Should You Get A Flu Vaccine? Some Facts to Consider

There is no one right way to care for your body.  Optimal health takes on a different meaning for each individual because we are all unique.  There are many different avenues to consider as you strive to reach your optimal health potential. … Read Full Article

Did you know…?


If you take just one non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory (Motrin, Ibuprofen etc.) drug every four days, over your lifetime you will have nine times the normal risk for vital organ damage.

Here are some other statistics you should be aware of:

An estimated 16,500 deaths occur annually in the U.S.… Read Full Article

Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Chiropractic

Current research has shown the benefits of chiropractic care on the immune system. The nerve system possesses unique control mechanisms on the immune system.  Chiropractic adjustments relieve stress on the nerve system, which in turn allows the nerve system to better direct the immune response.… Read Full Article