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Gratitude: 3 Simple Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

When asked what you are most thankful for, what do you say? Regardless of your situation, the list of things to be grateful for is long if you are willing to look: health, ability to earn income, food on the table, a place to live, a car to drive and the list goes on. Read Full Article

Family Wellness: October News

2-24-11 Total Balance Chiropractic Dr. Sarah Weber  ©2012 Jennifer Kathryn Photography Photo credit required for all public use ©2012 Jennifer Kathryn Photography www.jenniferkathryn.comIn this month’s edition of our Family Wellness Newsletter, read about how our bodies – adults and children alike – are built to heal themselves. We need not be destined to a life full of medication and prescriptions and the evidence of chiropractic care in children has given us an even greater hope for the next generation.Read Full Article

5 Tips to Manage Your Stress

Stress Management and Being Over Stressed as Art

Each year, one in three Americans dies from heart disease or stroke, yet many of the deaths are preventable through lifestyle changes.[i] Diet, exercise, and eliminating tobacco use are crucial factors in lowering the risk of heart disease, but another important factor is managing stress.… Read Full Article

Helpful Tips for Healthy Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are fun and festive, but they can also derail your healthy lifestyle. High-calorie drinks, unhealthy fats, sugary desserts, and mindless snacking are some of the traps that are easy to fall into when you are celebrating the season with your friends and coworkers.… Read Full Article

Build Your Immune System Early!

As the leaves fall to the ground, and the air turns crisper, a new season looms on the horizon: cold and flu season. According to the Center for Disease Control, the flu season can begin in October and last through May, but the peak months are usually from December to February.… Read Full Article

Buy and Eat Local

One of the best parts of the Spring season are the seasonal fruits and vegetables that begin to sprout up!  Local farmers markets are starting to open and offer a variety of produce items for you take advantage of! There are countless reasons why you should consider purchasing your fruits and veggies from these local markets. … Read Full Article

Clean Eating Health Benefits

Good Nutrition Blueberries

Good Nutrition Blueberries

What you eat really does have an affect on how you feel. Here are some facts to keep in mind and keep you motivated to continue a clean diet all year long!

  • Clean eating makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight, which reduces the risk of several diseases.
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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year approaches, many of us begin to make goals for the year ahead.  New Year’s resolutions are meant to be motivators for a better year to come and encourage us to enhance and improve our current situation.  Many people make health related resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, begin a workout routine or stop smoking. … Read Full Article

Back to School, Back to Work

The end of Summer marks the start of new beginnings, including a new school year.  Going back-to-school can produce stress to your body that can build up and over time results in not only physical pain, but also impacts your nutritional and emotional well-being. … Read Full Article

Getting in Your Vitamin D

When the warm weather finally arrives in Chicago, everyone seems to flock outdoors.  There are the street festivals, lakefront beaches, biking tours, kayaking and river walks to entertain us outside all summer long.  These activities all come with increased sun exposure, which can cause concern. … Read Full Article