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Don’t Let Pain Stop You

Dollarphotoclub_72460535After a long, cold winter, it can feel great to lace up the running shoes or hop on the bike and hit the trails. Unfortunately, sometimes as we rev up our activities, pain can flare up and stop us in our tracks.… Read Full Article

Support Your Feet AND Your Body

3arch supportHip, knee, and back pain are some of the common complaints that bring people to a doctor of chiropractic seeking relief. Often, these ailments are due to misalignments of the spine called subluxations. After evaluating the patient, the doctor of chiropractic can perform adjustments that bring the spine back into alignment, alleviating symptoms and helping the body perform more optimally.… Read Full Article

5 Tips to Prevent Running Injuries

There are a lot of benefits to running. Setting goals and increasing running ability is exhilarating; however, it can also be disappointing if injury strikes. Unfortunately, running injuries are not rare, which is not that surprising when you consider that each step causes a runner to absorb a force three to four times her own body weight!… Read Full Article

Strong, Happy Feet

Spring is in the air and the urge to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors is growing strong!  When the sun shines bright we want to slip on our gym shoes and go for a walk, a run or even a hike. … Read Full Article

A Body in Balance Starts with Your Feet

Courtesy of Angela Garbot Photography

March is here!  Spring is around the corner (I promise!), which means we can almost dig out our tennis shoes and start getting outdoors.  But before you slip on those shoes, you should consider whether or not your feet are properly supported while wearing them. … Read Full Article

Stabilizing Your Foundation

Your feet are not only the foundation of your body, but they can also be the most abused parts of your body!  Your feet are constantly absorbing the forces you generate through standing, walking, running and gravity itself.  Your feet also help to protect your spine, bones and soft tissue as you move. … Read Full Article