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3 Simple Ways to Express Gratitude


The Inbox of Life is Never Empty

Work deadlines, financial tension, social obligations, meals to cook and kid’s activities to plan: if you feel like you are overwhelmed and stressed out, you are not alone. A recent study (1) in 2015 performed by the American Psychological Association found that on average, men rated their daily stress at 4.9/10 and women at 5.3/10 with “greater percentages of adults reporting extreme levels of stress than in 2014.”  In addition, stress has been linked time and time again with poor health, depression, anxiety, and having a negative impact on relationships.  Read Full Article

5 Tips to Manage Your Stress

Stress Management and Being Over Stressed as Art

Each year, one in three Americans dies from heart disease or stroke, yet many of the deaths are preventable through lifestyle changes.[i] Diet, exercise, and eliminating tobacco use are crucial factors in lowering the risk of heart disease, but another important factor is managing stress.… Read Full Article

Intentional Time Together

Thinking back, our favorite holiday memories are often the simple times that were made special because of loved ones—looking at holiday lights as a family, hearing grandparents read stories, or conspiring with siblings early Christmas morning. That’s what the holidays are supposed to be about: spending time with those we love; however, the reality is often different as many strive to meet obligations.… Read Full Article

Cultivate Gratitude All Year Long

As you look around in stores and ads, you will notice that the holidays are in full force—or at least they are in the marketplace. Despite the many advertisements for the latest televisions or toys, the holidays are really a time to reconnect with loved ones as you share old memories and create new ones; perhaps no holiday better captures this spirit than Thanksgiving.… Read Full Article

4 Tips for a Healthy Start Back to School

It’s hard to believe that the first days of school are just around the corner! The new school year can bring excitement, nerves, or both. Whether your child is looking forward to seeing his friends or she is nervous about what to expect in a new setting, there are steps that you can take to help make the transition smooth:

  • Help your child get adequate sleep.
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5 Steps Men Can Take to Reduce Stress

Stress is a part of life whether from jobs, family events, health issues, or balancing busy schedules. But while we all experience stress, women and men handle stress differently due to hormonal responses of the body. Both men and women release equal amounts of the hormones cortisol and epinephrine when encountering stress.… Read Full Article

Stress and Your Heart

Heart Health

Courtesy of Angela Garbot Photography

February is the month devoted to heart health.  Heart disease is the leading killer of Americans claiming an estimated 1 million lives every year.  Every 33 seconds someone in the United States dies from cardiovascular disease and this year more than 920,000 Americans will have a heart attack, half of which will occur without prior symptoms or warning signs.*  Surprisingly, one of the most prevalent contributing factors to heart disease is stress!Read Full Article

A Dose of Gratitude for Your Health

A fall chill is in the air and it’s a sure sign that the holiday season is beginning!  Although Thanksgiving is the focus of November, the true meaning of the holiday is often lost in the food and festivities.  Thanksgiving is a holiday to remind us to be thankful for what we have and for the people we have in our lives. … Read Full Article

Fostering Community

As a family chiropractor, I see how many parents are striving to make the best choices for their families.  There are so many different opinions coming at us from all angles and there seems to be a feeling of being invisible in a dominant culture that does not reflect back to holistic values. … Read Full Article

Emotional Detoxing

Spring is time for a clean, fresh start.  People begin to focus on cleaning out their closets, reorganizing and even cleansing and cleaning up their diet.  While living in a healthy environment and a healthy body is fantastic, it’s also important to have a healthy mind. … Read Full Article